Sportsfiskersammenslutningen Nedre Ryå


Ryå is the biggest stream in the area of Vendsyssel. With it’s source in the middle of Jyske Å’s – east of Hellum – it twists it’s way through Vendsyssel. South of Brønderslev it is joined with Nørreå and grows in size. South of Manne and Tisse it continues to flow south past Sønder Saltum, Pandrup and Aabybro. The river is now 15-20 meters wide and 2-4 meters deep. The river flows past Birkelse, Fristrup, Skeelslund and Haldager – until it runs out in Limfjorden.

Nedre Ryå

Sportsfiskersammensluningen Nedre Ryå is founded in 1979 by Brønderslev Lystfiskerforening, Pirken og Nordjysk Lystfiskerforening with the purpose of increasing the number of seatrouts and eel i Ryå and in Limfjorden, along with providing the members of the 3 associations with an exciting and diverse fishing life in the lower part of Ryå. The fishing in Nedre Ryå is very diverse. Besides seatrouts you can also catch roach, perch, bream, pike and eel.

The revenue from the sale of day cards will go untouched to the breeding of seatrouts. Every year we release 2-10.000 2nd year seatrouts. In Nedre Ryå most of the seatrouts are caught within the last 1500 meters before the outlet as well as the section around Toftegård and Rendbæk (the white bridge).